Lubricating & Rewetting Drops Lubricating & Rewetting Drops
A sterile, isotonic solution that contains sodium chloride, poloxamine 908, boric acid, edetate disodium, and sodium borate; preserved with 0.00001% polyaminopropyl biguanide.
For lubricating and wetting of soft contact lenses.
During wear, put 1 to 2 drops on contact lens whenever needed. Blink several times. If discomfort persists, immediately remove lens and consult your eye care practitioner.
Product Registration No.: GC89504230417

Lubricating & Rewetting Drops

Soothes and Hydrates Dry and Irritated Eyes

Moistens and Refreshes Soft Contact Lenses

RM 8.60

Pack Size

10 mL
RM 8.60